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Your competent tax advice.

KLTS offers various services listed below. Our firm is mainly divided into the tax compliance and project areas, so that our experts can offer you the best possible advice in their field of expertise. In this way we can guarantee the best possible consulting standards, which are aimed at building a lasting and successful relationship with you and your company.

Tax Compliance & Business Consulting

In the tax compliance area, all obligations from financial accounting to the preparation of annual financial statements are handled for you or for your company. Here we mainly offer the following services:

Payroll & financial accounting

Tax returns & annual financial statements

Ongoing tax consulting

Business management consulting

Business start-up consulting

Company valuation

Inheritance tax return & gift tax return

Implementation of a tax compliance management system

Support in setting up tax departments

General business consulting

Support during tax audits

Succession planning & anticipated succession

Project Consulting & Tax Planning:

In project consulting, we take care of your plans with your company or your personal strategies as a shareholder or wealthy individual. Above all, the focus is on your personal goals or the goals of your company. Our goal is to develop optimized, individual and creative solutions for you! Here we offer among other things the following for you:

Elaboration of optimal domestic or foreign corporate structures


Special advice on international tax law

Capital gains tax and withholding tax refund applications for limited liable taxpayers

Avoidance strategies and optimization of exit taxes

Domestic & foreign family foundations

National & international succession planning

Advisors for advisors

Due to the increased globalization of recent years, foreign matters are also increasingly becoming part of the daily consulting routine of tax consultants. Due to restructuring and international tax law, many tax consulting firms are often confronted with areas of tax law in which they have not yet been able to gain much experience. We offer your law firm relief in order to prevent advice that does not take place or incorrect advice. We would also be happy to work for your law firm as a subcontractor. Here we can offer the following services to your law firm:

Consulting on international tax law/foreign affairs

Advice on restructuring

Advisors for advisors