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Cooperation partners

Our aim is to be able to offer you comprehensive advice. We also draw on the expertise of our network to provide you with the best possible set-up based on your needs.

WK Finance

The managing partners of WK Finance are Timo and Kevin. Timo and Kevin mainly offer services in compliance and business consulting. WK Finance specializes in financial and payroll accounting, business management consulting and business start-up consulting. In addition, WK Finance can also offer in-house services, such as interim management and advice on setting up your own tax department.

Timo has already gained a lot of experience in working with tax consultants. After successfully completing his training as a tax clerk, he worked for a medium-sized tax consultancy firm for almost 10 years, gaining extensive practical experience in the areas of payroll accounting, financial accounting, annual financial statements in accordance with German commercial law and tax law and the preparation of tax returns (income tax, VAT, trade tax, corporation tax). During this time, Timo also worked in the company as an IT administrator and regularly travelled to external appointments in order to establish and optimize the digital connection between the client and the tax consultant.

During this time, Timo successfully completed further training as an accountant in accordance with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) and moved to the private sector to work for a large corporation, where he quickly became the head of a team in the finance department. During this time, Timo was able to acquire even more specialized topics such as the preparation of annual financial statements in accordance with IFRS, mergers of companies and group structures in addition to his previous experience and is therefore able to present both local and international issues from an accounting and tax perspective.

Kevin's career also began as a tax clerk. After passing his exams, he spent almost 6 years in medium-sized tax consultancy firms and gained his first experience in the areas of payroll accounting, financial accounting, the preparation of annual financial statements and the associated tax returns in the area of income taxes and excise duties. During a full-time stopover at the technical academy in Hameln, he completed further training to become a certified accountant according to the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

After completing this further training, he moved to a larger tax consultancy and auditing company. Here he intensified his expertise and discovered new areas of responsibility. Among other things, he specialized in providing international support to clients around the globe. Here, he was involved in topics ranging from the formation of companies to the finalization of annual financial statements and tax returns.

Kevin was able to take his next step by moving to a large listed group. As head of department, he is responsible for accounting in accordance with IFRS and HGB. The large structures then enabled him to work in interesting areas such as merger & acquisition transactions, group reporting, structuring and the implementation of tax-based IT systems. He sees the future of tomorrow in digitalization, modernization and process optimization. Kevin is fluent in German and English.

Aegonomics GmbH

Aegonomics is at the forefront of supporting companies in a constantly growing regulatory environment.

"Aegonomics GmbH's objective is unequivocal: we are perfecting the legal process: At a time when the global economic situation is challenging and supply chain issues are intensifying competition at the top of the market, we provide innovative and secure solutions through standards and technology. In this way, we help companies to strengthen their position and assert themselves on the market"

Max Niederwettberg, C.E.O. der Aegonomics GmbH

Aegonomics GmbH supports your company in the introduction of tax CMS and general compliance management systems.